Children of the Sun 2014

Size: H200 W1900

Material: acrylic on canvas

Ivona Pleskonja continues her investigation of the world and the manthrough her personal experience given that she remains devoted to the genre of portrait. As before, the art for Ivona is a ground for exploring herself and others, for finding a way out of the everyday life chaos. By means of studying different aspects of modern life and people in it and finding out different paths and ways out, like in her earlier paintings of heroes, Ivona goes back, over and over, like an anthropologist into the past, in order to discover some new solutions for the future.

Her great desire to represent people as positive beings, as beings that transcend everyday life problems and as heroes of their time, is culminating now in the presentation of portraits created at the moment of revelation, enlightenment, apogee, thrill as well as equanimity and harmony.

On a 20 meters long frieze with supernatural portraits, she cleared the background, wiped out its temporal and spatial component. She painted the people from the past as well as from his own life, known and unknown, and thus she connected the past and the present in the future in the pursuit of the human being’s eternal desire to reach the Sun, to reach the unreachable. When she designed and painted this frieze, Ivona applied the theory of Pavel Florensky (Iconostasis, translation into Serbian, Belgrade, 2007).